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[ENTERTAINMENT] How 2face aka 2baba returned to his wife Annie

[ENTERTAINMENT] How 2face aka 2baba returned to his wife Annie

Innocent Idibia a.k.a. 2face, has noted that his wife, Annie Idibia, has made him more mature and a better person.

2face the Benue-born singer opened up to SoundCity on why he went back to the love of his life, Annie, and how the love they share reflects on him as a person.

When asked how and why he went back to Annie, ‘if love is a crime’ crooner said, “Every reason. I was just deceiving myself that…you know how man dey do sometimes. He go see wetin actually dey down but he go feel say make I see whether…you know all that kind nonsense behaviour. But at one point in time, I was like look I’m not going to let this girl go.

“I just started realizing that this is who I want to be with. This is actually who I want to spend the rest of my life with.

“This is the person that actually does it for me. So there is no need to deceive myself anymore. I come beg, them come gree.”

Asked how Annie and the love they share reflects on who he is, Tuface added, “It [love] made me a more mature and better person.

“It made me understand that you know that there is so many things you have to work out together with people that you care about, It’s not all bed of roses all the time, it’s not all smooth.

”There are sometimes that you disagree to agree and all that kind of stuff, but you just have to [be] mature enough to work through these things.


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